Fairycore Fashion: The Latest Trends In Magical Clothing

Fairycore is a new aesthetic that's been suddenly trending on Tumblr! The term was coined by an unknown Tumblr user, and the style is all about springtime vibes, soft pastels, and cute animals like bunnies. Fairycore is a beautiful aesthetic that shares similarities to other popular ones like cottagecore, gobelincore, and dragoncore. They all share a love for animals, forests, gardens, and rustic or shiny objects. This is why some people find it so hard to identify with just one aesthetic.


The Fairycore aesthetic

If you have seen a fairy even once in your life, you will probably remember the beautiful dresses that elegantly cover their bodies. What makes them so special? Fairycore is a vibrant and colorful aesthetic with nearly any color. Pastel shades are most commonly used. Pale green, pastel blue/pink/yellow, and cream white are super fitting. But also earth. Most of the fairycore dresses have flowing sleeves that, from a distance, look like fairies wings. The dresses are almost all sleeveless and fall right below the knee. While on the outside, they could appear to be clothes or clothes you would wear to the beach, in reality they are magical outfits. They are made of light, delicate fabrics. Which, at first glance, may make them appear to be quite simple. That's only when you really take a closer look. Those delicate sleeves are stuffed with lots of layers of fluffy fabric to create the magic look! The "bunny lips," or small little cutouts on the shoulders, are actually quite elaborate and can take many hours to make.

How to incorporate Fairycore into your style

Hair, hair, hair! You’ll be glad to know that it is just as easy to achieve a desired hairstyle when you're in the know - add a few curls or waves to your look, for example.

Accessories abound! Headbands, hair clips, and even ribbons are made for your crown to dazzle the eye. Don't forget pearl or flower jewellery.

Make UP

Glitter makes everything better. From your eye makeup to your nails, glitter can make an outfit pop or give you an edge for cosplay. Some of our favorites are the gold and silver options that will really make your outfit shine!

(photo credit: thewardrobe.co.nz)


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