You know what's sucky about modern life? It's all so... modern. We're talking about the spare, cold-hearted, sterile kind of modernity that makes you feel like there's no beauty in the world. The kind that makes you want to get out of town and find someplace cozy to settle down for a spell. You know what's awesome about Cottagecore Maison? It's inspired by the modern Romanticism movement. We believe in taking cues from nature for design, materials, and colors. Our pieces are intended to remind you of simpler days--days when your only concern was if you could run out in time to catch fireflies.
We hope to create a community of individuals, who share the same values and wish to inspire others with their own stories.
With every piece inspired by the past, the future, and the present, this lifestyle brand aims to embrace all that is beautiful in life. With a fresh and innovative approach to design and production, we take an eco-chic approach to everything we do. We make our clothing in small batches and produce as little waste as possible by keeping our inventories low and implementing sustainable practices wherever we can.